Exceedingly Secure

Security at GeoNote


How We Make GeoNote Secure

Our Security Philosophy

Fortifying a proactive approach to security instead of an issue-driven one makes security integral to our development process. No feature or extension is complete until it is secure.

Tested API

Secure development is crucial to the GeoNote team, and we make sure to employ the best safety practices. This includes testing end-to-end JavaScript to catch any invalid interface behavior.

Fortified HTML

Submittal of user data is validated in source code editing. An HTML validation extension is used to prevent any type of security exploitation for GeoNote users.

Our Users

Feel secure with industry standard Transport Layer Security (TLS) over HTTPS. The same technology powers bank and government sites. Login credentials are encrypted and securely stored.

Data Integrity

Your data is stored with perpetual autonomous backups.

Protected Payments

GeoNote servers do not store any sensitive credit card details of our users. Payments are processed contiguously by Stripe, an online platform used by Fortune 500 companies, with the most stringent level of certification available (PCI Service Provider Level 1).

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