The regulatory permitting process of Oil & Gas wells can be a challenging and complex step in the path towards first oil. If not done properly, permitting wells can lead to costly delays and liability exposure. At GeoNote, we were curious about the common types of issues associated with the permitt...Continue reading

We are so excited to showcase GeoNote’s geospatial functionality in this new and free to use Footage Call Tool. The Footage Call Tool (FCT) is a sandbox that allows you to quickly convert from absolute coordinates to footage calls or vice versa....Continue reading

Field Development Plans (FDPs) are critical for capital planning within upstream oil and gas companies. However, they tend to become dated relatively fast and are time consuming to optimize for new variables. GeoNote can tie into your existing FDP workflow to improve your organization's agility....Continue reading

Frac hits and well interactions can ruin your day, damage equipment and negatively impact production. GeoNote’s new Rig Scheduler makes it easy to track multiple rigs, various rig types, frac crews, and maintenance jobs while looking out for possible interactions among hundreds of wells....Continue reading

Need to update 5 wells on your current project? Maybe 100? Some platforms might require you to manually update each well. You might even be tempted to just re-import all the wells and delete the old ones. At GeoNote, you can perform a bulk update...Continue reading

Smart GeoPrognosis takes the most advanced tools, submerges your data in automation and then adds brains to it. Now you have a geological prognosis tool that is aware of the ever-changing subsurface tapestry. The GeoNote framework already includes world-class collaboration capabilities and...Continue reading

So you're a GeoNote user now, and want to see a few of the features it has to offer, right? Let's go through a Midstream user case scenario in real time that takes less than 7 minutes from start to finish....Continue reading

If you’re like most operators then your planning workflow pauses frequently while you call someone to ask about Net Revenue Interest (NRI), Working Interest (WI), etc. for the area you are analyzing....Continue reading

How long does it take you to create each Plat after a survey? If your answer is more than 15 minutes then you need to give our Plat Generator a try. With the ability to generate plats in a fraction of the time it takes today your team will see significant increase in productivity....Continue reading

How do you manage different file formats while dealing with spatial data? Can you easily switch into the clients’ preferred format, or do you just send a .pdf? Most toolsets that can manage this functionality are either very expensive or very difficult to use, sometimes they’re both!...Continue reading