Stop Scheduling Frac Hits

Frac hits and well interactions can ruin your day, damage equipment and negatively impact production.  GeoNote’s new Rig Scheduler makes it easy to track multiple rigs, various rig types, frac crews, and maintenance jobs while looking out for possible interactions among hundreds of wells.   Traditional scheduling tools are spatially agnostic with no way to assess well to well interactions.


Know Before You Go – Infinite Scenarios

GeoNote’s Rig Scheduler combines traditional scheduling with advanced geospatial analytics. The Rig Scheduler can schedule any activity, but it is most powerful when scheduling activities such as drilling & fracking wells, as well as maintenance and production activities. The tool allows you to view your physical assets on the map, generate infinite rig schedule scenarios, and edit & customize any rig schedule. All in one place and in real time. Its easy-to-use templates allow you to create hundreds of tasks or jobs, that are geospatially aware of their wells, with only a few clicks. 


GeoAnalysis - How does it work?

The Rig Scheduler can perform GeoAnalysis- an assessment that combines traditional scheduling evaluations along with geospatial analysis to flag tasks for potential issues.  When assessing for frac hits and well interactions you can independently specify maximum interference distances in all three dimensions.  False positives are avoided by ignoring the vertical segments of wells during the analysis.  In addition, you can use task status as a flag to look for any interaction between your task and existing wells.


  1. Flagged* issues include the following:
    1.  Scheduling: Overbooked resources
    2.  Requirements: Incompatible task assignments
    3.  Workflow: Task status before job commencement
    4.  Scheduling: Unassigned tasks
    5.  Proximity: Frac hits or well interactions between tasks
    6.  Proximity: Frac hits or well interactions between tasks and existing wells


*Well 1 is within interaction distance of Well 2 but not Well 3.  Well 2 is within interaction distance of both Well 1 and Well 3. Well 4 is not within interaction distance to any other well.



The Rig Scheduler combines speed and ease of use without sacrificing functionality.  The Rig Scheduler’s GeoAnalysis is a powerful and versatile tool to understand where potential frac hits and well interactions might occur.  For more information about the Rig Scheduler contact us at, or check out our demo on youtube here. Stay tuned for more, and stay grounded GeoNauts!