Plat Generator

How long does it take you to create each Plat after a survey? If your answer is more than 15 minutes then you need to give our Plat Generator a try.   With the ability to generate plats in a fraction of the time it takes today your team will see significant increase in productivity. 


Today, we have launched our first significant feature, Plat Generatorwhich cuts down on the time required to deliver plats for land surveying requirements.


What is Plat Generator?

Plat Generator takes GIS information from field surveys and creates Plats that are ready to submit with permit information.  


Why Plat Generator Is An Upgrade over Current Tools.


Speed  This toolset can save 4-8 hours per plat by cutting out multiple steps required to format and cleanse data using today’s toolsets.  For projects requiring 10+ plats this is a significant productivity boost.


Collaboration – Your team members and your customers will have access to the finished plat as soon as you’re ready.  No need for increased inbox traffic for everyone involved, just post to the Library within the tool and everyone with access will be able to review the plat. 


Increased Accuracy Having everyone on the same page increases the alignment between team members, customers, and partners.  Insure that your team is working on the right activities by keeping your customers apprised of your progress.  Likewise, when customer priorities change they can easily communicate that to your team.  


Stay Tuned For More!

We are working to bring more GeoNote Features onboard to help you analysis and collaborate better with your team or create output for clients and more. Meanwhile, you can give our conversion tool a shot and let us know your take.


If you want to recommend a new tool for integration then do let us know. For any questions or suggestions, you can drop us an email to Enjoy!