Land Tool Release

If you’re like most operators then your planning workflow pauses frequently while you call someone to ask about Net Revenue Interest (NRI), Working Interest (WI), etc. for the area you are analyzing. 


Examples include;

 - Receiving a phone call about acquiring adjacent assets.

 - Determining which development scenario is the most valuable to the shareholders.

 - Ranking leases for divestiture.

 - Trying to determine if you should drill that last well on lease. 



You already spend a lot of time and resources maintaining the land information, it is time to put it to good use.



Our Land Tool makes it easy to compare points, lines, or shapes (e.g. surface hole location, well lateral, or well pad) in your development plan along with your WI, NRI, etc.  The Land Tool works by exposing NRI and WI information at the lease, unit, and abstract level.  Once this data is understood then assessing points, lines, and/or shapes against your company’s ownership is a straight forward process. 


It is easy to compare multiple scenarios.  Fine-tune your development options with multiple runs in a matter of minutes. 



Stay Tuned For More!

We are working to bring more GeoNote Features onboard to help you analysis and collaborate better with your team or create output for clients and more. Meanwhile, you can give our conversion tool a shot and let us know your take.


If you want to recommend a new tool for integration then do let us know. For any questions or suggestions, you can drop us an email to Enjoy!